Food, Drinks and Swimming Pools

Once in a while you and your family (even your friends for that matter) schedule a get together for an afternoon fun at the pool. And what get together isn’t complete without a couple of food and drinks?Let’s take a look at things step-by-step, shall we?a. Make sure that the pool is clean and decontaminated using the appropriate swimming pool chemicals. Double-check that all the cleaning equipments and chemicals are stored and properly locked away to avoid any untoward incidence.b. Set-up the tables and chairs at a safe distance away from the pool. Serving tables should be placed at the most convenient and accessible place.c. Designate trash bins at 2-3 places among the tables so nobody has to go far looking for it.d. Use plastic utensils, plates, and drinking glasses. This removes the risk of something accidentally breaking. The last thing you would want is to have a shard of broken glass or ceramic lying around when everybody is walking barefoot. Glass is also impossible to see in a pool and so means you have to drain and sweep the pool to make it safe.e. Although alcoholic drinks are quite common in parties, we suggest that you not serve these if you plan to allow people to go for a swim. Just as drinking and driving don’t mix – swimming and drinking are also a lethal combination. Spike the punch a little if you must, but make sure that it is not strong enough to make anyone drunk. It goes without saying that if somebody does manage to get drunk, do not allow that person to get into the pool until he|she is completely sober.f. Make sure that the food being served is properly cooked. As much as possible, prepare things at least an hour before serving. Cold food should remain cold (put it on a tray with ice and only serve as much as can be consumed within 30 minutes or an hour). Better yet, try not to serve food that easily spoils. You wouldn’t want anyone to end up with a bad stomach.Having a pool party with food and drinks can be great fun most especially if there are family and friends to share it with.